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Playgroups are here to stay!

Are you feeling alone, with a new baby, missing your pre-kids social life and absolutely sick of the four walls of your living room?

It is totally normal for new moms parents to find themselves overwhelmed by the isolation that comes with the early days of maternity leave. 

Do you miss certain aspects of your “old life”, but aren’t sure how to reclaim them?

The abrupt shift from a busy workplace or social life to being in your living room, living life in nap math on a playmat on the floor, while at home with a newborn can lead to feelings of loneliness and a lack of social support. 

We will find the perfect playgroup for you and your little – from similar aged littles to time and location, we ensure the space is ready and available and you have a group of mom friends to fill the days with friendship, connection, and cute babies/

Our playgroups are an absolute testament to the incredible bonds formed among local moms, dads and caregivers in the east end. We are so lucky to be in this area and with the help of curated playgroups, parents can find one another without the hassle of planning, the nerves of putting yourself out there, and the struggle that is ever changing nap math.

These playgroups are uniquely crafted and organized by Trish – the founding director of EEMF and “original mom friend” – who understands the intricate dance of parenthood having two littles of her own. 

Lasting for 6-8 weeks, these gatherings are not just about playdates; they’re about finding your village, your go-to friends for the ups and downs of raising kids. 

Trish, EEMF head coordinator, does all the heavy lifting to set you up with the perfect group to create your own vibrant ecosystems within the East End Mom Friends community, and the rest is up to you and your group. From Coral to Cobalt, there’s a group for every parent to find their place, their people, their village.

These groups enable parents to meet in person on a regular basis and rely on each other for advice and support, making your parenting journey even more enriching and connected. Welcome to your village within the fantastic ocean that is East End Mom Friends!

I can’t wait to help you find your village, your crew, your mom friends.
xo Trish